The Kreen Revolution.


Kolbenring India�s Green initiative which has been aptly named The Kreen Revolution.

Kolbenring's india is committed to any envirionment friendly intiative and it is our endavour to educate and demonstrate to all our clients and potential clients the advantages of using the best sealing solution for every application. Kolbenring's commitment includes designing and manufacturing custom Piston Rings that reduce the carbon footprint of an application. Proper sealing can help decrease the amount of leakage in an application. The leakage that is reduced can be substances that are harmful to the environment such as Fuel or Gases from an engine. Greater sealing performance lessens the carbon footprint via greater efficiency and contributes to a healthier, safer environment.

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Types of Piston Rings

Kolbenring India’s goals include being the lowest-delivered-cost-supplier of quality products and services, delivered on time, every time-in full responsiveness to the demands of our customers and prospects.

What is the top Compression Ring?

The top Compression Ring is located in the first ring groove and has the primary function of sealing the combustion gases. It is also the means by which heat is transferred from the piston to the piston walls.

What is the Second or Intermediate Ring?

This Ring serves a dual purpose. The second Compression Ring assists the top Compression Ring in sealing and heat transfer. It is also used in oil control by shearing the layer of oil left by the oil Ring so the top Compression Ring has enough lubrication.

What is the Oil Control Ring?

The Oil Control Ring is just that it controls the oil that is splashed onto the cylinder walls from the connecting rod bearing throw-off. The rings scrape the cylinder walls returning the scraped oil back to the crank-case. Oil Control Rings cannot let oil pass between the face of the ring and the cylinder through the ring gap or pass behind the ring.

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