The Kreen Revolution.


Kolbenring India�s Green initiative which has been aptly named The Kreen Revolution.

Kolbenring's india is committed to any envirionment friendly intiative and it is our endavour to educate and demonstrate to all our clients and potential clients the advantages of using the best sealing solution for every application. Kolbenring's commitment includes designing and manufacturing custom Piston Rings that reduce the carbon footprint of an application. Proper sealing can help decrease the amount of leakage in an application. The leakage that is reduced can be substances that are harmful to the environment such as Fuel or Gases from an engine. Greater sealing performance lessens the carbon footprint via greater efficiency and contributes to a healthier, safer environment.

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Quality Assurance

For the management and employees at Kolbenring India, customer satisfaction has always been and will always remain our primary goal. We also commit that we shall be continuously improving our products, processes and services, enable us to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations from our company. Kolbenring India has for the last 30 years, always been known for its quality Piston Rings, and all of us are committed to uphold that trust put on us by our customers.

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Kolbenring India is registered with NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) as a manufacturer of Piston Rings. We are also registered and approved Piston Ring manufacturers for Indian Railways and BHEL.

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