The Kreen Revolution.


Kolbenring India�s Green initiative which has been aptly named The Kreen Revolution.

Kolbenring's india is committed to any envirionment friendly intiative and it is our endavour to educate and demonstrate to all our clients and potential clients the advantages of using the best sealing solution for every application. Kolbenring's commitment includes designing and manufacturing custom Piston Rings that reduce the carbon footprint of an application. Proper sealing can help decrease the amount of leakage in an application. The leakage that is reduced can be substances that are harmful to the environment such as Fuel or Gases from an engine. Greater sealing performance lessens the carbon footprint via greater efficiency and contributes to a healthier, safer environment.

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Piston Ring Gaps

There are many types of Piston Ring Gaps depending upon the applications. The most common type of Ring Gaps is the Butt Gap. Angle and Overlapped Gaps are not used in automobiles or commercial vehicle engines, as they have no advantages in terms of sealing. They are only used in compressors and hydraulic applications. Gaps for improved sealing are Angle Cut Gaps (left or right) and Overlap Gap (step gap) they provide a better seal than the Butt Gaps. Such Gaps are used chiefly in hydraulic and other applications. The Hook Gaps merely serves to facilitate assembly and has no additional sealing effect, it is used for example, in automatic automotive transmissions for easier assembly of piston rings which seal against hydraulic pressure. The Piston Ring Gaps manufactured regularly by us for our clients to be used in different applications are as follows:

Butt Gap

butt gapsThis is the most practical and economical of all ring gaps. This is also the most widely used and recommended for most applications. This gap has very good leakage control.

Angle Gap

angle gapsWidely used in most modern 2-stroke diesel engines. Piston Rings with these gaps similar in function to the Rings with But Gap, however an Angle Gap decreases the tendency to score at the Gap.

Tite Gap

tite-gapsThese kind of gaps are sometimes applied to snap rings so that they can be easily removed from the groove.

Overlap Gap (Step Gap)

The Overlap Gap is used to prevent a direct flow path between the piston and cylinder. This type of Gap is used when one wants to prevent gas passing through it. It should be noted that this kind of Gap is not fully gastight.

Hook Gap

hook-gapsThis kind of Gap has no additional sealing effect than the other types of Gaps. This kind of Gap limits free expansion. These kind of Gaps are mainly used in hydraulic applications.

Angle Step Gap

angle-stepThis is the onlytype of Gap that is totally gas tight. It has tighter leakage control than any other single ring. Mainly used in large diameter Piston Rings.

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