The Kreen Revolution.


Kolbenring India�s Green initiative which has been aptly named The Kreen Revolution.

Kolbenring's india is committed to any envirionment friendly intiative and it is our endavour to educate and demonstrate to all our clients and potential clients the advantages of using the best sealing solution for every application. Kolbenring's commitment includes designing and manufacturing custom Piston Rings that reduce the carbon footprint of an application. Proper sealing can help decrease the amount of leakage in an application. The leakage that is reduced can be substances that are harmful to the environment such as Fuel or Gases from an engine. Greater sealing performance lessens the carbon footprint via greater efficiency and contributes to a healthier, safer environment.

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Our Strength

Our strength is our employees without whom we would never be able to achieve what we set out to do. Kolbenring India now offers a wide array of Piston Rings for leading OEMs.

Cost & Delivery

Kolbenring India's goals include being the lowest-delivered-cost-supplier of quality products and services, delivered on time, every time-in full responsiveness to the demands of our customers and prospects. This is achieved in part by utilizing a combination of proprietary and industry-standard equipment.

Our exclusive machining processes, used for the manufacture of product and tooling, significantly reduces development and revision lead times. Kolbenring India believes it can only provide the highest quality products to a value-conscious customer base by maintaining an ongoing commitment to the achievement of Quality, Excellence and Continuous Improvement, at all levels of our organization and in everything we do.

Who We Serve

Recognized as a premier supplier to a variety of industries, Kolbenring India has earned its reputation as a leader in Piston Ring Quality. This commitment to excellence is shared company-wide by engineering, research, production, marketing, and sales support, all playing valuable roles in providing superior Piston Rings to our customers.

Kolbenring India designs and manufactures Piston Rings for OEM's and aftermarkets worldwide. Over 5 Million Piston Rings are manufactured in our plant each year, from compression rings, oil ring's each offered in a wide variety of sizes, materials, and coatings.

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